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Learn Math with Preeti

Academic Math
This course is for the students who want to learn Academic Math and topics like Trigonometry, Functions, Derivates, and more.
Learn Math with Preeti
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  • Level : Beginner
  • Taught In: Hindi, English, Gujrati


Topics covered:

  1. Trigonometry

- Learn all the basic trigonometry functions sin, cos, cosine, etc.

- practical problems based on difficulty levels - Easy, Moderate, and Hard sums

- Logical approach and quick solutions.

  1. Functions

-Learn about Sets, Functions, and Relations.

-Euler's formula

-Inverse trigonometric functions.

  1. Exponential and Logarithmic functions

  2. Matrices and Determinants

-Definition and types of matrices and Determinants.

-Problems based on the topics.

-Inverse matrix

Properties or rules of matrices and Determinants.

  1. Inequalities

-Definition and types.

  1. Difference Quotient

-Definition, Formulas, and sums.

  1. Algebra

  2. Differentiation and Fourier transformations

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Whats Included ?

Total Classes In Package
9 Classes
No of Days To Complete Package
3 Days
Max Class Per Week
3 Classes
Class Duration
60 minutes
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1 Paxs
The children will learn Algebra in a fun and in an easy and a fun way.