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Maths around you

Academic Math
All major topics on Mathematics will be explained to you along with your pace and understanding of core terms is focused like trigonometry.
Maths around you
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I will be happy to teach you the major topics in math. Below are the topics for your quick reference.

  1. 1. Trigonometry:

    • * Introduction of the topic and its applications in daily life

    • *Trigonometric ratios

    • *Trigonometric ratios of complimentary angles

    • *Trigonometric identities

    • *True bearings

    • *Problem solving

  2. 2. Functions

    • *Exponential and Logarithmic functions

    • *Inequalities

3.Matrices and Determinants

* Matrix and operation on matrices

  *Types of matrix

*Transpose of a matrix, symmetric and skew-symmetric matrix

   * Conjugate of matrix, hermitian and skew-hermitian matrix

*Determinant of matrix

   *Minor and cofactor of an element of matrix/determinant

   *Ad joint and inverse of a matrix

*Elementary row operations and its use in finding the inverse of a matrix

  *System of linear equations and Cramer’s rule

*System of homogeneous linear equations

  1. 4. Difference Quotient.


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