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Precalculus Math Course

Academic Math
Precalculus math course offers to you all the topics including Trigonometry, Matrices, Determinants, and more.
Precalculus Math Course
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  • Level : Beginner
  • Taught In: Hindi, English


  1. Functions

    • *Introduction to function

    • *The difference in relation and function

    • *Real and real valued functions

    • *Type of functions as the identity function

    • *Constant function, Polynomial function, Rational function, Modulus function, Signum function, Greatest Integer function, Domain, and range of functions

    • *Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of functions.

  1. *Inequality

    • *Introduction to inequality in one and two variables

    • *Difference between an equation and inequality

    • *solution of a linear inequality in one variable

    • *Rules to solve a linear inequality

    • *Graphical solution of a linear inequality in two variables

    • *Word problems as application.

  2. *Matrices and Determinants

    • *Introduction to the matrix,

    • *Order of a matrix general and compact form of a matrix, type of matrices as row matrix, column matrix, square matrix, scalar matrix, diagonal matrix, Identity matrix and zero matrices, negative of a matrix, equal matrices, scalar multiple of a matrix

    • *Addition and subtraction of matrices and their properties, Multiplication of matrices and their properties, some important results on multiplication of matrices, application type problems on matrices

    • *Transpose of a matrix, properties of transpose, symmetric and skew-symmetric matrix, a theorem on symmetric and skew-symmetric matrix, Invertible matrix, elementary operation of the matrix

    • *To find the inverse of a matrix by elementary row or column operation,

    • *Introduction to the determinant

    • *Determinant of a matrix of order 1, 2, and 3, properties of determinants and their applications to solve complicated determinants

    • *Area of a triangle in a plane using determinant, condition of collinear points

    • *Minor and cofactor of a Determinant, properties of cofactors,

    • Singular and nonsingular matrix, determinant of the product of matrices

    • *Adjoint of a matrix, a theorem on Adjoint of matrix and some important conclusion, the inverse of a matrix by Adjoint,

    • *Application of inverse of a matrix in solving simultaneous linear equations in 3 variables, trivial solution, a consistent and inconsistent system of linear equations, application problems on linear equations.

  3. *Difference quotient or Derivative

    • *Introduction to difference quotient of a real function,

    • *The first principle rule to find the difference quotient of a function

    • *To find the difference quotient of some function by first principal, Algebra of the difference quotient, Direct formula to find difference quotient of various functions,

    • *Chain rule to find the difference quotient pf a function, Difference quotient of various functions-Implicit functions, logarithmic and exponential functions

    • *Application of log to find difference quotient, difference quotient of parametric functions, difference quotient of one function with respect to another

    • *To find the higher-order difference quotient of a function.

  4. *Exponential and logarithmic functions

    • *Introduction to exponential form and exponential functions,

    • *Exponential function with general and natural base

    • *Graph of the exponential function

    • *Logarithmic function as a modified form of exponential function with general and natural base

    • *The graph of a logarithmic function.

  5. *Trigonometry

    • *Measurements of angles, degree measure, and radian measure of angles and their relationship

    • *Simple application problem

    • *Introduction to trigonometric functions of real numbers, a sign of trigonometric functions

    • *Value of trigonometric functions at allied angles, Periodic function, and periodicity of trigonometric functions,

    • *Trigonometric functions of sum or difference of two angles, trigonometric functions of multiple of angles, half angles formula

    • *Identities to transform product of angles into sum or difference of two angles

    • *Identities to transform sum or difference of angles into the product

    • *Concept of trigonometric equations, principal and general solution of trigonometric equations.

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This Trigonometry batch covers all the subtopics of Trigonometry. The students will get personal attention and one on one coaching.