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New Things in High School Chemistry

The course belongs to High School students who are passionate to learn new things in Chemistry and want to get complete fundamental and practical knowledge
New Things in High School Chemistry
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  • Level : Intermediate
  • Taught In: English


Learn New Things in Chemistry and get complete fundamental and practical knowledge. This Course is ideal for High School students.

This Course covers-

  1. *Introduction of chemistry

  2. *Matter and change

  3. *Scientific measurement

  4. *Problem solving in chemistry

  5. *Atomic structure and the periodic table

  6. *Chemical names and formulas

  7. *Chemical quantities

  8. *Chemical reaction

  9. *Stiochiometry

  10. *States of matter

  11. *Thermo chemistry

  12. *The behavior of gases

  13. *Electron in atom

  14. *Chemical periodicity

  15. *Ionic bonding and Ionic compounds

  16. *Covalent bonding

  17. *Water and aqueous system

  18. *Solutions

  19. *Reaction rare and equilibrium

  20. *Acids and bases

  21. *Neutralization

  22. *Oxidation and reduction reaction

  23. *Electro chemistry

  24. *And many practicals are included with this course

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3 Classes
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60 minutes
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Learn Introduction of chemistryter and change Scientific measurement, Problem solving in chemistry, Atomic structure and the periodic table, Chemical names and formulas, Chemical quantities & more