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Learn Basic English Skills with Madhvi

English Spoken
This course will take you through basic grammar and English communication skills.
Learn Basic English Skills with Madhvi
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  • Level : Beginner
  • Taught In: English




The course curriculum consists of  basic speaking practices, strategies and techniques for effective communication.

With our course you will: talk, practise and improve your fluency and accuracy. we will also work on pronunciation, intonation, use of pauses and other strategies.

Basic English

In this course you will learn and explore the following things:

  • * Basic grammar

  • * Communication skills

  • * Pronunciation and speaking whole sentences

  • * Effective speaking conversations and reading sessions

  • * Writing paragraphs on various interesting topics to improve writing skills

  • * One on one assessment and group conversation tests.



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Whats Included ?

Total Classes In Package
24 Classes
No of Days To Complete Package
8 Days
Max Class Per Week
3 Classes
Class Duration
60 minutes
Max Capacity
1 Paxs
Basic Topics 1. Homophones 2. Fundamentals of Grammar topics (Brief discussion on each topic) 3. Vocabulary 4. Assignments for Practice