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Learn and Have Fun in Hindi

This course offers Hindi Language training with speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. Learn Hindi in levels from Basic to Advance
Learn and Have Fun in Hindi
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  • Level : Beginner
  • Taught In: Hindi, English


Learn these skills with me in all three levels.

  • *Introduction to Hindi

  • *Greetings and self-introduction

  • *Alphabets, Numbers, Days, Months, and body parts

  • *Regularly used words and sentences

  • *Punctuation and Grammar -

  • *Naam (Nouns), Sarvanaam(Pronouns), Visheshan (Adjectives), Svar(Vowels) and Vyanjan (Consonants), Kriya (Verbs), Kaal (Tense), and more

  • *Conversation practice and regular reading exercises

  • *Combining words and forming sentences



Offers Flexible Date & Time (Pick Multiple)

Whats Included ?

Total Classes In Package
48 Classes
No of Days To Complete Package
16 Days
Max Class Per Week
3 Classes
Class Duration
60 minutes
Max Capacity
1 Paxs
This batch offers beginner-friendly learning. We will begin from the scratch and concentrate first on the varnmala.