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Physics Short Courses

The Course offers short term introduction on topics in Physics regarding the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents
Physics Short Courses
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  • Level : Intermediate
  • Taught In: English


In these short term courses, you will get introduction on various concepts of Physics and can learn about Force, Work, Power and Energy including Light, Sound, Electricity and Magnetism, Heat and Modern physics.

The Packages included are for Force and Motion, Light, and Heat.

Force & Motion : -

  • *Learn What is Force

  • *Kinds of force - Balanced and Unbalanced force

  • *Newton's law of motion

  • *Friction

In Introduction on Light Learn

  • *Introduction on Reflection

  • *Laws of reflection

  • *Types of Mirror, Image Formation by mirror, Uses of concave and convex mirror

  • *Magnification

  • *Refraction and Laws of Refraction

  • *Image Formation by lens, Power of lens

In Introduction on Heat

  • *Calorimetry: meaning, specific heat capacity.

  • *Principle of method of mixtures

  • *Numerical Problems on specific heat capacity using heat loss and gain and the method of mixtures

  • *Lastly, Latent heat

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Whats Included ?

Total Classes In Package
4 Classes
No of Days To Complete Package
2 Days
Max Class Per Week
2 Classes
Class Duration
60 minutes
Max Capacity
1 Paxs
Learn Force, Kinds of force - Balanced and Unbalanced force, Newton's law of motion, Friction