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Mantra For Good Health

The sessions on yoga encourage everyone towards good health in a holistic approach for harmonious and better development of mind body and soul.
Mantra For Good Health
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  • Level : 1
  • Taught In: Hindi, English




  • The class focuses on the overall health of individuals.
  • The sessions will involve yoga poses targeting different body parts along with an appropriate diet to be followed.
  • The aim of the class is not only physical well-being but also the spiritual well-being of the attendees.
  • Teaching mantra is a simple way for teachers to bring mindfulness to teaching.
  • Raise awareness levels of students in your yoga and meditation classes so that they can take informed decisions in their daily lives.
  • Gain strength and stamina.
  • Improve balance and stability.
  • Improve posture and develop body awareness.




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Offers Flexible Date & Time (Pick Multiple)

Whats Included ?

Total Classes In Package
2 Classes
No of Days To Complete Package
2 Days
Max Class Per Week
1 Class
Class Duration
40 minutes
Max Capacity
1 Paxs
The classes will be flexible in case of time and days. Practicing yoga mantra and meditation regularly for 40 minutes everyday will enhance our concentration and focus.